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Our flat rate for duct & hvac cleaning is $20 per supply/return vents= a full hvac cleaning (utilizing our entire arsenal of equipment and tools) which includes: video inspection, vents, supply & return ducts, main trunks, air handler, furnace, coils, plenum, air filter, duct sealing, repair, disinfectant fogging & a DRYER VENT. (5 vents= $100) (10 vents= $200) (15 vents = $300) (20 vents= $400)($60 for single dryer vent only without duct cleaning) This is our flat rate before discounts-(ask about if desired) and I am sure you will find Clean Air Duct Cleanings pricing and service to be unbeatable. 5 Star Rated. Thank you for considering Clean Air Duct Cleaning! Once jobs are quoted we do not up-sale or bait and switch our customers. Our goal is to gain referrals by providing a top notch service.

I chose to work in this industry because simply, it's an important service in which improves indoor air quality, health, and living conditions. Many guys are out there giving out the old bait and switch and downright ripping customers off while not having sufficient equipment. With Rotobrush Technology we brush and vacuum at the point of contamination. We also utilize multiple other powered brushes, vacuums, and compressed air to brush, blast, and suck away collected dust to ensure the best cleaning possible at an affordable rate. Clean Air Duct Cleaning gladly goes above and beyond to provide thorough cleaning while sealing the system to prevent future dust from slipping around the filter. We hold pride in never up charging the customer for a job done well insuring your home or building is clean of circulating dust and other contaminates such as mold spores, bacteria, other allergens, and even construction dust and particulates. Free inspection, no gimmicks. Our services include but are not limited to:

Air duct cleaning  Dryer vent cleaning
Furnace duct cleaning  Air conditioner cleaning

Your heating and air is a system that circulates and conditions the air in your home. Dust containing bacteria, mold spores, other allergens, and even construction dust and particulates are also circulating and over time (years) it collects on the walls of your ducting just as surface dust in your house. Unlike in living area, the ducting is unseen and therefore goes uncleaned. Having your ducting cleaned is recommended at least once in 10 years, or more if you have pets. Benefits to duct cleaning include: better air quality, health, living conditions, and less dust within the house itself. Meaning less cleaning! We'll seal up the return ensuring all circulated air is pulled through the filter preventing dust from slipping around into the system. After duct & hvac cleaning its recommended to do your home cleaning and dusting to maximize the benefits and removal of dust within the whole home and it ventilation.

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